Speed, Security and Privacy

To help promote a fast and safe way to shop online at our online store Web site, this will provide you, the customer, the following:

· Speed. Customers looks to speedy performance as the biggest satisfaction with a Web site. To ensure fast and efficient surfing through our online store and If a customer uses a 56K modem to surf the Internet, it should take less than 10 seconds for the online store site to load.

· Credit Card Security. Sites such as Amazon.com offers customers a safe way to make Internet purchases: the Netscape Secure Commerce Server, which encrypts any information customers type in. A customer may prefer not to submit payment information online, they can phone or fax their credit card number to us, or pay us by check.

· Privacy. Privacy is very important to your visitors, and our affiliate sites protects customers personal information as a matter of policy. A customer can expect secure purchases and their personal information will be safe. Here is a link to the Amazon.com Privacy Notice, which outlines our security measures.

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